Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm the worst blogger...

It's been well of two years in Vanuatu and I have officially given myself the title of Worst Peace Corps Blogger EVER.

I have officially ended my second year as a PCV in Vanuatu and have begun my third and final year. The best thing about extending a third year is the benefit of getting flown home for 35-45 days. My home leave will begin on December 14th - I'm so excited to see my friends and family. A small part of me is a bit nervous because I'm not sure what to expect, I mean, things have definitely changed for all of us.

Besides my home leave coming in a few weeks, I am proud to announce that my Peace Corps Partnership has been fully funded! This means that my lab will get a new N-computer system to replace six of our 'outdated' systems, and also clear up some space in the lab because the system will take up less space.  I will be spending the last two weeks of my time in Vanuatu ordering and (hopefully) shipping the equipment to my island. We will see, I'm sure this process won't be a smooth as I'm hoping it to be. I will also be learning how to make my own network cables - this I'm excited for (YES, I'm a nerd) because I finally get to use the crimper that was donated to me from a nice tech guy from Australia, Dave. So, what better way to spend my last few weeks in paradise before going to Las Vegas... I love my job!

Ok, last few somethings before I publish my latest blog... hmmmm.... oh yes, notice to any tourists planning a trip to East Ambae - There is a new bar called the Beach Bar. This place won't look like much, but with the right people, It's a hoot n' a half :)


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